GaggleAMP provides enterprise social media message amplification. For marketers looking to drive engagement through social media, GaggleAMP is the social marketing platform that lets them leverage the reach potential of individual employee, customer and partner accounts using a unique, accountable, and privacy-assured message delivery model.

GaggleAMP empowers a company’s stakeholders (both internal and external - employees, customers, constituents etc.) to promote synchronized messages across social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Using GaggleAMP, companies are able to massively distribute their content and messages by creating a network (what we call a Gaggle) of people that share, Tweet & post company created messages and content. In addition to the message amplification, GaggleAMP provides a myriad of unique analytics about how the messages perform in the various social media networks including message reach, clicks, comments, Likes, shares, re-tweets and more.