Reality is just a construct. As we have become painfully aware of, the Internet—and all the communities and networks that make it up—isn’t necessarily reality based at all. It’s just a collection of noise and signals, the strongest of which can and does break through into the consciousness not only Amercians, but of people worldwide. There is virtually zero-barrier of entry as to who can engineer the memes that influence business, buying, voting, and personal decisions. The creatives behind PR and advertising are surely memetic engineers of sort. But the tools are accessible to anyone as the Internet has no editors and any attempt that the online communities have made to exert top-down editing or message and content invariably looks more like censorship than any sort of value-add. Memetic engineers can thrive in the liminal space between mainstream media and speculative imagination. It’s a very powerful space, especially when anything and everything you can do is already being blamed on Putin and the Russian Trolls.