GerrisCast Episode 1: Influencer Marketing: Online Brand Promotion and Digital Public Relations (PR)

Episode one where Gerris Corp founding partners Dan Krueger and Chris Abraham introduce themselves, talk a little about Gerris, then talk about their method for influencer marketing.

GerrisCast Hosts

Chris Abraham

Chris Abraham, digital strategist, and technologist is a leading expert in digital: search engine optimization (SEO), online relationship management (ORM), Internet privacy, and online public relations with a focus on blogger outreach, blogger engagement, and Internet crisis response.

Dan Krueger

A 20-year media veteran, Dan leads the day-to-day operations of Gerriscorp ensuring the firm's clients benefit from creative, integrated programs that deliver strong, measurable results. Dan specializes in project management, influencer outreach, social media campaigns, and video production.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer outreach is a process by which we identify the influencers in your space and activate them on behalf of your brand.  We do two types of influencer outreach: A-List (Tier-1) and Long-Tail (Micro-Influencers). Micro-influencer marketing is one of the services that sets us apart from other Digital PR firms. Most firms focus only on influencer marketing to Tier-1 influencers. While this is effective for getting a lot of eyeballs on the initial post, the story is quickly buried due to the high frequency, fickle nature, of posts.

We focus on reaching the long-tail—the micro-influencers. We contact thousands of online influencers in your target demographic and individually interact with every influencer who expresses interest. This results in from hundreds to thousands of positive posts across a variety of social media and video channels and on blogs and in other publications about your brand resulting in higher SEO in addition to the broad base of brand awareness.

Micro-Influencer Marketing

Reach everyone online who can help your brand succeed. People are engaged online. They're talking about products, services, experiences, and travel; they're sharing their hobbies, hopes, dreams, passions, aspirations, memories, and fascinations, online. Micro-Influencer marketing is a process by which we identify all the influencers in your space and engage them on behalf of your brand—upwards of one- to eighty-thousand!

Our Philosophy

We believe that many factors play into a successful client/firm relationship:

Delivering value. If a client doesn’t receive an adequate return on its investment, the relationship isn’t working.

Staff background. We pride ourselves on the fact that every member of our staff came to us with experience from the client side so we understand how our clients think and work. We’re also proud that our senior staff have been with us for more than 10 years.

Chemistry. We strive to work well with clients by understanding and adapting to different work environments and styles. And, while we take our work seriously, we like to have fun, too.

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