Every social profile starts with zero Likes, subscribers, followers, or friends. Even mature social media sites are often plateaued at under ten-thousand, even under a thousand! This really doesn’t look right, especially when it doesn’t vibe well with the perceived popularity of a brand in real life (IRL). Having too few followers is always more of a red flag than having too many. In a world where even the President of the USA pays for followers, it’s actually pretty essential for brands that are starting up or launching—or still in the doldrums of having fewer-than 500 followers—to buy ten-thousand from a site like FastFollowerz, for example, in order to make sure your brand perception is in line with how many followers you have. Moreover, until you have over 10,000 followers/Like/Subscribers, Twitter and YouTube and Facebook still have their leash on you. Once you attain a level of popularity, even if it’s inorganic, then you’ll have a lot more freedom. It comes down to this: nobody wants to dance in an empty club. And nobody ever checks to see if the talented dancers are locals or if they’re actually models hired from an agency. Other methods includes cross-platform promotion, inclusion of social media sites an every piece or promotional material both online and in real life (letterhead, in stores, in ads, etc).