Social media marketing (SMM) isn’t just one thing. While some believe that social media should only be a platform for the engagement of people by brands via people, we in the 80/20 rule (more like 70/30 in the real world). This means your social media channels are akin to your own personal wire services. While RSS and ATOM syndication is not very commonplace anymore, opt-in subscription newsletters, Twitter, Facebook, and the rest, can be used by your PR department to share just the kind of information that you’d generally plan for all the PR Newswires of the world. While brand, product, and service-promotion should really only be 20%-30% of all the content shared via social media channels, too many companies are afraid of spending any of their time doing shameless self-promotion. It’s OK. If they follow you they already have taken a strong step towards loving you already. Like all networking or social opportunities, it’s essential to make authentic and personal connections; however, networking isn’t about making friends of collecting people, it’s about moving the ball forward. We assist you in all cycles of pitching, selling, engaging, facilitating, supporting, and proving the sort of solutions that drives you forward towards the goal—converting, transitioning, engaging, subscribing, and—ultimately—selling. While social media can and does act in the service of customer relations and customer support, it should also be a place where you can tout your wares. A fanbase, followership, and ultimately converting your screaming fans into loyal paying customers.

People are already talking about you and your brand. And, once you launch a social media campaign, including advertising, influencer outreach, online engagement, or content marketing, monitoring and accountability are all essential parts of any modern marketing and PR campaign. Even if you’re not interested in sales conversions, it’s essential to be able to see and interpret what the impact of your social media marketing campaign is. Monitoring turns a series of unrelated social media behaviors into more of a science laboratory where you can experiment. Where you can actually see where all the hard work you’re doing with your social media marketing, content marketing, and online PR comes to fruition. You can better audit how actions have reactions and you can do A/B/C testing so that you can optimize all your work to better serve your missions and goals.