Even today, social media is often not integrated into the greater corporate strategy. As a result, companies too often make up their social media marketing as they go along, ad hoc, reacting to content and information and updated they get as they get them, tactically instead of strategically. Not unlike any editorial calendar used by magazines and newspapers, planning social media output and engagement over the course of a calendar, month-by-month, allows brands and companies to develop content that recurs annually and develop content that dovetails with all the unique national, state, and local holidays, memorial days, and awareness days. Every day of the year has one or more issues on that day. Imagine what you can do if you had the entire year planned out, awareness days and multicultural holidays and important events in history and even important events in your brand’s history! We can help you develop such a process and strategy that can not only allow you to play the “guess what day it is” game but also, with such a distant horizon, you can really synchronize with your C-suite, your marketing team, your PR team, your Board, and be able to get everything past Legal well before you need to share it.