If you don’t currently have the bandwidth to bring social media in-house or you just want to keep your company light and agile, you may outsource your social media to us.  We’re capable of either embedding with your company or, more simply, work with you remotely via Skype and conference calls. While we can and do, most often, work remotely, we pride ourselves on being able to integrate very closely with your company and work seamlessly on your behalf. If you require in-person briefings, trainings, and coaching we can easily schedule. We as a team, either embedded in-house, or remote, are able to take over and perform any and all of the offerings we offer on your behalf, as you. In addition, we’re also happy and able to pursue the hybrid approach where we fill out your current team in order to offer more bandwidth as well as take some of the pressure off, add capabilities, and also cover a much broader swath of the 24/7 business and news cycle.