Nice mention in GaggleAMP: The secret weapon of online influence



Thanks to JD Lasica for including me in his latest post on

I discovered GaggleAMP through the only man I respect and trust enough to get me to hook up all my social media profiles to automatically retweet and repost everything he tweets and posts, Shel Holtz. After all these years, all my favorite people get to work together: JD Lasica, for whom I blog; Shel Holtz, with whom I Gaggle; and Glenn Gaudet, for whom I Gaggle.  Here's a post that JD just wrote about our secret weapon, GaggleAMP: The 'secret weapon of online influence' -- here's the little bit about me:

Chris Abraham: 663 Gaggle members & growing

Two of my good friends and colleagues, social media marketing wiz Chris Abraham and digital communication legend Shel Holtz, turned me on to GaggleAMP some time ago. So I asked them how they use the service.

Chris Abraham: “As a reward for joining, I provide a constant stream of curated social media content.”

Said Chris: “GaggleAMP is my secret weapon when it comes to my influence online. In short, I manage a public Gaggle. Anyone can join and opt in. As a reward for joining, I provide a constant stream of curated social media content that each member of my Gaggle can Auto-Share for Twitter.

“I can share content to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+. Anything posted to be shared with LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+ will be held in a moderation queue until my members approve each post. In the case of my Gaggle, around 60 accounts are set up with Auto-Share which means that I can bank on around 60 guaranteed shares and retweets on Twitter.

“I currently have 663 members in my Chris Abraham Gaggle. That means that of those members, a number of them automagically pass through each and every Twitter and LinkedIn posts to their social media streams while the remaining members are given the option to posts my content based on how well each suggested Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, and Google+ content fits them.

“There’s a tremendous power associated with sharing something via GaggleAMP. The service is smart, it doesn’t send out everything all at once, it distributes the content organically over time. That said, it’s a powerful tool that can really kick-start a content marketing campaign.”

Chris wrote about his effective use of GaggleAMP in this post last summer on

Biznology in the 2016 Online Community Influencer Index



Proud to see Biznology included in this article on the B2B News Network.

Tracey Tong just wrote up a piece in the B2B News Network titled Online Community Influencer Index that includes the blog I write for every Tuesday morning, the Biznology Blog. We're terribly proud to be included. We're surely the "one to watch:"

… And one to watch: Biznology


Membership: Over 5K followers on Twitter and about 2K email subscribers

Main form of interaction: Webinars

Nominator: James Mathewson, Distinguished Technical Marketer, Search at IBM

For a number of reasons, many B2B companies have had limited success with marketing, but the main one is that most marketing tactics simply don’t work for B2B.

Enter Biznology, a community that can help B2B professionals who don’t know how to build support for a digital marketing program. It’s here that the pros can learn best practices from what nominator James Mathewson, a Distinguished Technical Marketer at Search at IBM calls “a top resource for B2B digital marketing.”

The site offers a trove of articles and training opportunities – including a series of paid mini-MBA courses – for brand marketing, B2B digital marketing and digital public relations, among other marketing subjects. Once on the site, users can sign up for a free account to attend webinars and access past webinars in categories including digital, social media, Internet, content and B2B marketing, market research and website search.